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Our First Trade Hit BIG … What’s Next?

It was our very first stock recommendation.

It helped us create our Strong Hands motto.

And we believe it’s on its way to 1,000%.

STMicroelectronics NV (NYSE: STM).

This week, Paul posted about this incredible stock journey that put us on the path to America 2.0:

(Click here to view larger image.)

It was an inspiring post for all Main Street investors!

And so many people wrote in to share their STM stories, and how their Strong Hands are paying off:

So, what are you waiting for?

The next big America 2.0 stock could be right under your nose. And we’re ready to see your next life-changing Strong Hands story about the gains you make!

Start here…

To America 2.0 and Beyond

We’ve got our sights set on the future this week, with all kinds of analysis on the most innovative America 2.0 mega trends:

“TSLA Was Obvious. What’s Next?” We’re already invested in the next “obvious” stocks. Transportation, energy, housing, food supply and even new industries like space are transforming into something set to thrive in the new world.
Next for SpaceX = Investing Launch Point. The new space industry is taking off … for the moon! SpaceX’s Starship is set to fly into space, land on the moon and start the process for creating a lunar colony. And that’s not all!
Tesla Tunnels & Autonomous Cars: #A20 Infrastructure Plan. There’s an America 2.0 infrastructure plan in the making, including autonomous vehicles and Tesla tunnels. The outcome of this plan would be huge for America 2.0 investors.
3 Biotech Innovations Driving America 2.0 Stocks Up. New genetics-biotech innovations are remaking our $16 trillion health care industry with next-level technologies. It’s giving America 2.0 investors a phenomenal opportunity to profit from these medical marvels.
TSLA Earnings + America 2.0 Rally — Are You In? TSLA does it again! Our growth stocks — 3D printing and semiconductors are also in great shape for a massive rally.


Your Bold Profits Team

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