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It’s A Strong Hands Kind of Day…

I wish I had SpaceX Starlink internet today…

I was recording a new video for you, but my internet has been down all morning. Elon, please get me your internet ASAP!

But looking at the markets today — down about 2.5% — it’s a Strong Hands day for us all.

I know you’re not selling based on our survey results, but it’s always hard on days your stocks are down.

While you may not feel it now, you’re actually getting ahead, while others are giving up.

That’s because we have our eyes on the future and big money over time.

These are the moments that count. Here’s what Paul shared with me:

Imagine a long line for a big incredible reward, and think of volatility as all kinds of distractions that will get you out of line.

In the moment, these distractions seem so tempting and you know that you’ll regret it. But in the moment, you need to just let these tempting distractions pass and focus on your goal… 

That’s how to get those big gains that only come over time. And the only way is to resist these terrible temptations and be those Strong Hands. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Perfectly said.

Stay #BOP Strong Hands Nation.

Be bullish. Be optimistic. And stay positive. Our time is coming.

And our America 2.0 stocks will win BIG.

Until next time,

Amber LancasterDirector of Investment Research, Banyan Hill Publishing

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