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4 ETFs for a HAPI Thanksgiving!

We hope you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving week … or a HAPI ? Thanksgiving!!

Here’s what we’re thankful for…

The mega trends forming America 2.0 for the end of 2021 and beyond.

Here are the four HAPI exchange-traded funds (ETFs) we love that get you exposure to the best of the best:

And most importantly, we’re thankful for YOU! Especially when we hear stories like this:

First, I need to thank you. Since I have been a member three years ago and with my initial investment of $57,800, I have an ROI of 2,033. 99% on just one stock alone. Bringing my total investment portfolio to $707,188.21. Wow!

– Julie

And here’s a shoutout to our Tesla-millionaires!

Be Thankful for America 2.0 Opportunities

There’s a lot to be thankful for, and we hope your Bold Profits Daily makes the list!

Bitcoin + the Dow: A 2022 Match! Bitcoin on balance sheets … Dow Jones gets an America 2.0 upgrade… Both surge to 100K! This is UNFOLDING as we speak.
Paul vs. Ian… These two went head-to-head. Who do you think won? Either way, we’ll get a rematch soon with our 2022 Bold Profits predictions event.
Invest in Future of Food for Thanksgiving. Our mega trends are fueling the future of food: home delivery meal kits. Buy the growth because this market is delivering $27 billion by 2028.
Beyond Turkey? This Thanksgiving is showcasing the growing meatless market — the future-of-food trend. Here’s the driving force (and one buy) for it.
Heading into 2022 … All I Can Say Is… Thank you!! It’s been ANOTHER roller coaster year. But you held Strong Hands. And we’re glad you did.


Your Bold Profits Team

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