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3 Causes of Today’s Crypto Crash

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🔥 Macro — Federal Reserve moves & why America 1.0 companies are in BIGGER trouble than you could ever imagine… (0:48) 

🔥 Crypto — the domino effect that left $billion companies liquidated and the market in shambles. (20:53)

Fed says this. Does this. Another interest rate hike. Inflation is still high. Just another week around here it feels like…

But a clear divide is happening in the stock market. You know it.

America 1.0 vs. America 2.0. Value blue chips vs. growth.

It’s going to be a major theme for the rest of the year.

Crypto is following a similar path to growth stocks.

We’ve seen almost a complete reset.

But I don’t think this selling is natural — even for a bear market. I think it’s a domino effect.

Three huge crypto companies — Celsius, Three Arrows Capital and Terra — sent a shockwave through the market … causing a crash.

I’ll walk you through it all and answer the burning question: Should you sell?


Ian Dyer

Editor, Crypto Flash Trader

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