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2022 Mega Trend Race!

We’re celebrating Halloween with an America 2.0 twist!

Paul, Amber and Ian dressed up for the occasion in our best mega trend costumes!

But we want to know — which of these trends do you think will soar the highest in 2022?

Tesla already joined the $1 trillion elite club this week… Maybe one of these will be next!

Will it be the space race represented by Paul, the astronaut:

Or electric vehicles (EVs), represented by Amber, the autonomous EV racecar driver:

Or cryptos represented by Ian, the bitcoin miner:

Cast your vote here:

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Mega Trends 2022

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Happy Halloween, and happy investing from the whole Bold Profits team!

Don’t Wait! Invest in Mega Trends TODAY

The America 2.0 mega trends we follow are making huge leaps and bounds, and this week everyone had some incredible news and views to share:

3D Printing 3X by 2027: First Cars, Then… 3D printing is remaking industries for the future. It’s all unfolding at a record speed. The 3D-printing market is set to TRIPLE in value by 2027. The time to invest is now.
3 “Contrarian” Market Moves to Make Today. It’s time to make some big moves, Strong Hands Nation! But not where you’d think… If you’ve been following us, these “contrarian” views will make 100% total sense.
Tesla ? … Next Trillion-Dollar America 2.0 Company? For the first time, Tesla became a trillion-dollar company based on its market value. This shows HUGE growth and the ever-growing presence of America 2.0.

Space ETF: 3D Printing Our Way UP. We’re just scratching the surface of what 3D printing in space can do. The growth is ready to shoot astronomically high. And when there’s growth, there’s an opportunity for you.

BTC Highs and Trading Crypto. See if this report helps you take the leap into the cryptoverse. I think you’ll wish you had once you hear about the opportunity brewing…


Your Bold Profits Team

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